About the Company

Venture Labs invents, develops, and manufactures high quality immunodiagnostic products for the diagnostic laboratory market. A privately held company, founded in 1998 with the aim of advancing diagnostic technology, the Venture Labs team has hundreds of years of collective experience making products that work.

Pushing the envelope of diagnostic possibilities.

At Venture Labs, we realized the possibility of using immunoassay technology to achieve ultrasensitive detection of drugs for unique applications. The technology we invented allows analytical assay sensitivity of less than 25 pg/mL. This represents a significant increase in immunoassay sensitivity compared to the industry standard. Combining the ultra-sensitivity with array-mode technology, Venture Lab researchers have developed a rapid, streamlined process for simultaneous detection and quantitation of multiple drugs for forensic applications.

Manufacturing excellence for a robust product.

Venture Labs maintains manufacturing excellence by controlling every aspect of the process. We manufacture our own antibodies and engineer the core product chemistry, allowing us to ensure the greatest consistency and accuracy of our products. Our attention to detail in the manufacturing process allows us to offer a robust product that functions reliably in today's forensic laboratory.

Direct marketing and full technical support.

By marketing our products directly to the laboratories that use it, we are able to offer comprehensive service and support through access to knowledgable technical experts.


"We're doing things a little differently so that the

product is robust for our customers."