MTA-12 and Custom Arrays

Assay Principle & Procedure

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MTA-12 / Custom Arrays

















Tricyclic Antidepressants

Assay Procedure and Principle

Kit Components 


The MTA™ drug test system contains materials for 192 results. The number of drug panels per kit will vary depending on the number of analytes per panel. For example, with 12 drugs per panel each test provides results for 16 panels; with 6 drugs per panel each kit provides results for 32 panels.

 Included in the MTA™ kit are :

  • 2 antibody coated microtiter plates. (Each plate contains 12 color coded microwell strips. Each color refers to a specific immobilized antibody for a drug analyte.)
  • A single combination enzyme conjugate reagent for all 12 drug conjugates.
  • A rinse solution concentrate.
  • A single substrate/chromogen reagent.
  • A stop solution.
  • A package insert.
  • A lot specific profile card. 

Single Drug EIA Kits

Venture Lab Inc.'s drug EIA kits contains testing materials for 192 tests (2 plates). Included in each kit are:

  • 2 antibody coated microtiter plates.
  • An enzyme conjugate reagent.
  • A rinse solution concentrate.
  • A single substrate/chromogen reagent.
  • A stop solution.
  • A package insert.

Assay Procedure

All Venture Labs drug ELISAs including the MTA™ assays follow the same simple microtiter ELISA procedure:

1. Place the desired number of coated wells in the holder and secure them. (Note : a series of different colored wells is required for each specimen run in the array mode).

2. Dispense 30 uL of standard or sample into each series of twelve different colored wells.

3. Add 75 uL of enzyme conjugate reagent to each well. Mix and incubate 30 minutes at room temperature.

4. Empty the contents of the plate and with running cold tap water fill and empty the plate contents (ten cycles).

5. Fill the wells with rinse buffer, empty and pound the plate over an absorbent surface. (Dry the outer surface of the plate.)

6. Add 100 uL of substrate/chromogen reagent to each well. Mix and incubate 15 minutes at room temperature.

7. Add 50 uL of stop solution.

Assay Principle

Venture Labs Inc.'s drug test assays are solid phase enzyme immunoassays that rely on competition between free drug in the sample and drug bound on the enzyme conjugate for antibody fixed on a microtiter plate well.

1. Drug in the sample or calibrator and drug labeled enzyme conjugate compete for binding sites on the antibody immobilized on the surface of the microwell during the first incubation.
2. The plate is washed, removing any excess, unbound enzyme conjugate. Substrate is added, and color is developed.
3. The reaction is stopped, and the plate is read at 450nm on a plate reader. The absorbance (color) is inversely proportional to the amount of drug in the sample.